Collecting quotes is one of my favourite hobbies. It is such a privilege and a blessing in disguise to learn from the mistakes and experiences of other people; we are saved from going onto that path of suffering.
Here are some quotes for you, never read before, never seen before!

#11. Life is so unpredictable, we sometimes forget about its magic, cz we are in a constant tussle of controlling it. Sadhguru is indeed an inspiration and no doubt his quotes are magical.

#10. In today’s world, especially for the social media freaks, it is difficult to walk on the path where you are alone, by the fear of being judged. Isn’t it? But this quote does prove that loneliness and being alone are two different things.

#9. Disrespect is like slowly killing thyself. I question, why on Earth would people come down to such a level that they end up harming their very souls? Nope, it is the time when you save your soul when you feel the most vulnerable. Worth a thought?

#8. This exactly defines the situation which most of us relate to. We fear taking risks and we fear failure ultimately. But what if we replace fear with optimism?

#7. Wow! it is so soothing to just read this. I mean all of us are so special, the creator did have something on his mind before letting us out in this world.

#6. Acceptance by all respects is an important step to a healthy relationship, be it with our parents, friends or our life partner. My roots are my identity, and if you focus on my flowers, the chances are, autumn may not be your favourite season!

#5. Others are fighting their own battles and just imagine we interrupt the battle scene? That is exactly we should be avoiding and that is when their battle leads to a fight with ourselves.

#4. Aah! Story of just another human being. Nay or yay? Self abuse and perfectionism, I never even thought about it!

#3. ‘Hustle’ is acknowledged so much, the hashtag is widely appreciated. But this quote is like moon amongst the stars.

#2. This crown referred here is anything that is most important to your integrity and individuality, be it your beauty, self-respect or the social status.

#1. This quote is soul-shaking and there is nothing to add here.

Hope you liked the first blog and I hope to write more and more that helps me become a good human being and contribute to this beautiful world.

All the quotes have been taken from my Pinterest boards. I own nothing of the above.