We cannot deny that Youtube is slowly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. There are so many things we learn, understand and practice only because of Youtube. And we should not forget, it is the content creators’ efforts which goes into making Youtube such a hit.

So here goes a list of some of the wonderful Youtubers who are worth your time!

#5. Brown girl lifts

Navpreet Banga, as the name suggests, is a brown girl who literally lifts and has an awesome lifestyle to learn from. She is a Punjabi born in Canada. Widely known for being Priyanka Chopra look-alike!
‘Growing up Punjabi’ and ‘When a Canadian goes to Chandigarh’ are some of her famous videos.

Check her videos here:


#4. BYN

Be You Nick, Nikunj Lotia is an Indian Youtuber, whom I find very brainy! His videos are full of wit and humour. He is one such ‘wonder’, who is often seen trending on Youtube. He hails from Dombivali, Mumbai.
He is seen performing with his friend Tushar Khair.
Of hundreds of his videos, ‘that one start-up guy’, the barbie girl, ‘the Raid’, are my personal favourites.

Check his videos here:


#3. Jay Shetty Podcasts

He is on top of my Spotify podcast list! He is a storyteller, Urban Monk, life observer and behavioural economist and yes, interviews people in a different manner. ‘On Purpose’ by Jay Shetty is well praised these days.
His videos on love & relationships are all worth watching!

Check his videos here:


#2. Inanna Sarkis

I have watched each of her videos more than twice. And trust me, you got to read in between the lines to actually understand them all. Inanna Sarkis seems like a huge Hollywood-in-making. Her surreal performances and emotions in the videos are to die for! Btw, all her videos are my favourite.

Check her videos here:


#1. Anwar Jiwabi

Presenting the extra-ordinary talent, guy with unusual ideas, Anwar Jiwabi!
I saw him in one of Inanna’s videos and I was flattered by his performance.
Where is it that he gets ideas from? Again, I have watched 90% of his content and I can assure you, you might just want to be as smart as him!
With over 4 million subscribers, Anwar surely deserves to be on Number 1.

Check his videos here: