You left me alone in the desert,
with only sunshine forever!
There is no water, no food,
leaving me and my loneliness together.
Stranded in the mid , I find no shade,
There is no one here, even my eyes fade.
My tears are the only droplets,
‘Thoughts’ my only food,
the night is approaching,
will I become the python’s food?
Storms don’t last forever they say,
I don’t know! I find no hope-ray.
Sitting in no-man’s land, crying my heart out,
talking to God, to whom my problems I could shout.
Time passed by, one day it rained,
my tears were wiped, gone was my pain.
I smiled out of joy, forgot that some one had left me,
God would have wanted this to happen to me,
I read my mind,
Some words I recollect, something like this he said;
The person’s part in your life is over,
accept the same and over is your phase lower,
I promised him, I would never cry,
I released them from my memories, never will I ask them for thy,
I am out of the desert since ,
with scratches on my heart,
I knew this too shall pass.
Now I have someone who grows flowers for me,
does things, God wanted to happen to me.
Some day the flower-grower will read this,
after which i will end the story with a kiss..!