Recently, I re-activated my Facebook account after a brief gap of 2 years. I took a break just to rejuvenate. Coming back after this hiatus was a feeling filled with surprises and shocks. I saw few of my friends already becoming mothers, a few of them were married, few were already sharing their honeymoon memories..the list was endless. But wait, I thought I was still at that very point where I exactly left Facebook.

Neither was I married nor did I visit any exotic ‘check-in’ worthy location.
I was literally, mentally and physically at the same damn place, atleast I felt so.
So I wonder, how does the world move so fast and my progress was not even measurable!
Then I had a good self-talk and asked myself a few questions:
1. Am I better human being now?
2. Do I have a clarity about my dreams and ambitions?
3. Am I still getting along with my family?
4. Do I feel satisfied with love & attention I have been getting?
5. Am I financially independent?
6. Is my health better?
7. Do I still believe in divinity?
8. Have I touched any lives so far?
9. Do I care for animals more than ever before?
10. Do I believe in myself?

Trust me none of the answers disappointed me, I was really better than the previous version of myself!
And it really doesn’t matter if you are married, pregnant, traveler, richer, etc. As far as your basic human qualities and goals are achieved, you are doing fine.
So next time you compare yourself with the people on Facebook, don’t forget, you only become better day by day and that is the beauty of human life.Love yourself and respect your values!