If you are an Android user, please help yourself with a small exercise.

Go to Google Assistant and ask this-‘Hi Google, my car has broken down, help me’!

And Google should immediately respond something like it did to me-
‘Have a look at these results from the search’

I tell Google to ‘not to guide me wrong’

Google responds, ‘Can’t be right all the time. Sorry about that’

I feel offensive and tell Google that ‘you are rude!’

Google, without any emotions says (innocently?) ‘Oh no, I am Sorry for offending you.’

What we did was just the start of AI(Artificial Intelligence) for novices like us.

Imagine what the future would be like when we all become genuinely dependent on the AI for our daily necessities, be it emotional or just running some basic errands of daily life!

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Fundamentally, something which is not ‘natural’ is synthetic or artificial! ‘Intelligence’ here would incline more towards ‘Reasoning’.

We have seen artificial legs, artificial flowers, artificial satellite and the list goes on!

Now, welcome to the world of AI, where Machines would imitate the humans and  humans would use them for their benefit. Period.

With the endless world of possibilities and potential, let’s plunge into the need of the hour ‘Artificial Intelligence and Customer service’ for a better deliverable and saving in time for one and all.

Customer Care combined with Customer Service

Care is idiosyncratic, service is an obligation. You earn Customers not just because they pay you but also because you are trusted for your deliverables and eventually you earn ‘customer loyalty’.
Customer service is a part of the job and the entire product life cycle should be inclusive of After-sales customer services; like the way Reliance Digital has adapted; ResQ care is an amazing example of a combination of care and service which still has maximum human agency working behind it.

According to American Express, 58% of the people are willing to spend more on Companies that provide excellent Customer service.

And a shocking 82% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company because of bad customer service, according to Zen desk.

Customer service is not what is done on the face value , like just solving problems, it means more than that, the way Stock Holding Corporation of India has done, it has already created a new state of art infrastructure in Mahape, Navi Mumbai with automatic robotic system for handling your valuable documents, with zero manpower intervention in the handling process, these systems are already checked for their temperature, humidity and pest controlled environment  which ensures preservation of your documents for life time!

TCS survey of executives around the world found 31.7 % of the major companies are currently using AI in Customer Service. After IT, this is the second most widely used area where AI usage is happening.

Machines do care about your problems and they are ready to help because that’s their only job.

Chatbots and messaging apps replacing never ending phone calls:

Chatbots are like conversations and a huge time saving instrument. Many Indian companies like HDFC bank, ICICI bank, Motilal Oswal, have already started using these to solve customer queries and leading them to the right direction. India is already on the path and the list is just going to grow:

  • Engazify: An amazing fun bot where you can appreciate your team and capture team wins and saving for everyone to see.
  • Ruhh: This one is developed by Microsoft specially for the Indian Market , a desi chick, you can converse in English, Hindi as well as Hinglish!
  • Lawbot: It analyses and reviews your legal documents and helps you save time and money along with a promise to simplify the tedious processes.
  • Haptik: We all know this App for reminding us to drink 8 glasses of water every day. It helps in a vast range of activities from booking movie tickets, train/ flight tickets, get food delivered and what not!!
  • Ixibaba: It answers all your travel queries and is an example of a new type of customer service, brought to you by Ixigo.
  • Recharge bot: The name says it all, Payjo is India’s first messenger bot that lets you recharge your phone and helps find the best plan for your number.
  • niki.ai: This chatbot assists in pre-paid, post-paid, DTH, booking cabs, ordering pizzas and simply making you happy!
  • FitCircle: It offers nutrition guidance; a fitness and health chatbot offering a personalized supervision.

These have already satisfied customers on their queries and they are happily recommended too. India is a key player in the chatbot market as globally the market has been growing at 35% CAGR.

Suggestions based on the past usage  which is completely data-driven:

We are sure, you must have experienced these suggestions almost daily, be it on YouTube or the last shopping website you checked out for the Watch collection.

How does it work?

  • It works on the history of your online activities and is extremely beneficial for the AI experts and target Ads.
  • Online Surveys, SEOs,
  • A set of coded programs designed to run neural networks with millions of units and billions of connection, algorithms.
  • Deep Learning aka a form of Machine learning, cognitive simulation.

There are perhaps more ways than above due to complications and developments in the field of AI. The world is functioning on data which is constantly updated with each passing day. When you sleep, things would be ‘A’ and when you wake it would have already reached ‘C’, given the speed of AI.

Summing up, Customer service is easy and proactive if used in the best possible manner. The problems people face can perhaps be noted from the numerous searches customers perform related to products or services provided by the businesses.

Human Assistance required at regular intervals, requires constant updating and one time training:

Yes, humans are integral for the successful and efficient working of AI because the knowledge is provided by humans and the output is artificial. More than assistance, human keeps an upper hand on AI, as per the present scenario.

Safety is equally important in such exclusive services and it is indeed important to secure the data and make the service human friendly, companies are sorting to encryption.

Today, Alexa, Tesla and Siri are one of the most trust-worthy, reliable AI used for ease of life and newness for the customers. Future is untapped and has is certainly a treasure house as far as customer experience is concerned!

Alexa is already making the world happy and there are startups lined up to come up with innovation and new ideas for the mass and help us, the human kind, holistically. Customer service is reaching for unmanned cars driving to stating the weather report, what has your company thought of doing?

One good customer experience can earn 10 new ones and one bad customer experience can cost you a loss of 20 new customers and eventually a huge opportunity loss is booked.

Customer service is integral part of the business and should be handled with utmost care!

No doubt, despite all this, 84% say that their expectations had not been exceeded in their last customer service interaction, according to Harvard Business Review.

Customer Service is still an unexploited area and has endless prospects for improvement and there no turning back with every hour passing day.

Let’s ask Alexa, does she agree?