I will be writing about ranking people and not work/ goals here.
I have heard people say, prioritize!
And I am like okay, I will..ummm hmmm…
Until I really started having issues in life, private, personal& professional.
Ultimately, it is important to not only prioritize but understand its importance, because we have only one life!
Try this exercise, here it goes..
Firstly, make a list of people who are important to you and also, people who matter to you and for whom you genuinely matter too.
For example (not in that order):
Life Partner
Office Colleagues
Spiritual guru
Room mate
Friends cum acquaintances
Social media friends, etc..
For some, parents are not that important, but they survive on the affection of their friends. For some, social media friends tops the list, whiles others thrive on their office colleagues cum friends. For some spiritual gurus do not exist while others are so dependent on them.
And the permutations and combinations go on and on.
Here, why don’t we list down the people and rank them accordingly.
Like, say if I prioritize my mother, I will first attend her and then comes the rest of the world! Or say, after my mom, my life partner is on the list and i will make sure to call him/ her and then be available to others.
By the way, this so-called ‘exercise’ is for people who are not smart enough to multi-task!
Because, for people like me, I get confused and end up having fights and cold wars, just because I cannot decide whom to give the importance and be available as per their needs.!
Try once and see, how it feels to just have a handful of people to list down and realize, it is all about prioritizing THYSELF in the first place!
And that’s the first step to self-love.
Je ma’aime….do you?