I find ‘eyes’, the most fascinating creation of the God.
I am in awe of the various colours the nature has to showcase it’s art via beautiful eyes!Be it human or the birds.
Presenting a poem I wrote for one of my friends, whose eyes simply mesmerized me!

Your eyes are ocean,
I could deep dive and swim,
I wish I could reach the bottom
and never come out of the whim,
God was in a good mood,
when he drew your eyes,
He must have had his colour palette full
and must have drawn them twice!
Your eyes speak love,
they are colours personified,
they sing love song to the birds,
they can make butterflies fly so high.
Brown mixed with sunny yellow
with a little black snowflake design,
your eyes are an art,
with God’s beautiful intentions behind.
Go make someone’s day,
smile wide with your eyes,
for you it’s a moment,
for others it might mean a lifetime sight!