Consider, this case.
You are in a restaurant with your friends and all of a sudden in the middle of your deep conversation, fire breaks out in that restaurant.
What would be your first step?
a) Save yourself first
b) Save your best friend first
c) Save yourself first then your best friend
d) I don’t know, it depends.

If you answered option (a), you are a normal human.
If you answered option (b), you are a great human.
If you answered option (c), you are a kind human.
If you answered option (d), I can’t judge you!

This case says so much about a human personality, we are termed as social animals, selfish, cunning intellectuals and what not!
But we all know, none of us are so kind enough to save another person and then ourselves in emergency situations. Because we are naturally selfish and that’s okay!
So, believe me, when I say, having best friend/s is not a great achievement neither it validates the fact that you are a human!

I do not have a best friend.
I have only a handful of friends.
For some, this statement may not be appropriate or valid, for some it may be a thought-provoking statement, for some it really doesn’t matter, whatever!
Log on to any of your social media platforms and you would see tonnes of posts on/ for best friends, true friends, bae, bffs and terms which revolve nearly around the same concept of ‘best friendship’.

Yes, there are a majority of the people around you, who are so-called ‘blessed’ to have best friends and be surrounded by their loved ones and only best of people. But hey, remember, all that glitters is not gold. In fact, real gold does more than just glittering..haha!

I do not, in any way mean that people who brag about having best friends are lying, no! Maybe yes, they are really blessed to have them and that’s fine.
There are cases, having such friend/s is also about ego satisfaction and self-relevance. But again, there is another perspective, some people have genuine friendships and there is no trolling about that. Period.Sorry.

All of this is so subjective, and differs from person to person, friendship to friendship. And yet, some people fail to have best friends, despite longing to have one through out their lives and having a pure heart.
And you know what? It is completely normal to be in that category because secretly, majority of us fall in that category.
Here are a few things you can do, in case you have no best friend/s:

1. Stop judging yourself right away
Please stop that because the world is already doing that for you.

2. Appreciate people wholeheartedly who really have such great friendships
God bless such souls.

3. Ignore Social media posts which do the bragging part and move on
Need I say more?

4. Stop consoling yourself that ‘I also have such kind of friends’
Because that is a lie!

5. Make friends with animals and plants
That bond is unique and out-of -the world.

6. Make friends with your hobby/ passion
And that will make you really happy.

7. Do not degrade/ disrespect yourself just because you don’t have best friend/s
Negative self-talk is a no-no. Come back if you are already there.

8. Trust me, your Mother is there for you
Yes, or your dad or your granny, there has to be that one person, just think about it.

9. Never trade your self-esteem for friendships which only causes self- doubt and pain
Because that is like trading diamonds for a barren land.

10. Stop chasing and start living, human!
Stop chasing people, chase your dreams, growth & self-development.

11. You are really not alone, having friends is not the only motto of your life
There is so much more to life, my dear!

12. Be there for some one who needs your shoulder to cry without giving a term of ‘best friendship’–this can be temporary
And stop expecting from anyone for love in return.

13. Don’t trust people so easily just because you can call them your best friend in public
That is like rubbing salt on your wounds.

14. You are your own confidant
YOLO. And we ought to be our own best friend, what you think?

15. Life is short, explore yourself and take the path to Spirituality.
And then you know the actual motive of life is something else only!

I repeat, this article is for the extreme case of loneliness or depression due to lack of such bonds in life.
Even if you have a handful of friends whom you can count upon when you want, you are good to go…
I tried my level best and now finally conclude,
life is about befriending life itself.