Recently I read an article on LinkedIn dating back to 2015 on this creepy insect.
Cockroach Theory
A beautiful speech by Sundar Pichai.

To my surprise, I had an experience with this creature, some years back, let me share this funny story.
Unlike Sundar Pichai’s learning, I have a different understanding and learning in the end out of it.

Here it goes.

It is almost 8 pm and I am returning back home from work, tired and sleepy. I catch a train and luckily get a seat, I am inside the ladies compartment, the train is crowded and noisy, everything is just so irritating about this journey (since the very beginning).

During this time, cricket fever had engulfed people, globally.
There was a cricket match going on, Live, people were all excited & enthusiastic, almost everywhere.
All I could see from the train window on the streets, was chaos & a strange atmosphere, as if a million people were chewing their nails at the same time!
Anyway, traveling in Mumbai Local train and that too 2nd class dabba, what more can you expect?
As and how the train was nearing the suburban stations, the crowd was increasing and so was the heat inside the compartment and within me!

I was wondering as to how do I control my rage…Gosh! I want to be out of this train right now!!
To add to my irritation, there was a girl sitting diagonally opposite to me, reading a novel, loudly.
Why God why?
Also, to my surprise there was yet another lady on the seat, bang opposite to me, SLEEPING !
I mean , how can someone even sit peacefully in such a train, forget sleeping!
I was craving for such a sleep and she was already there…and the train atmosphere was at its worst now,
somewhere a kid was crying,
on the next seats were two ladies gossiping continuously,
on the other door of the same compartment, there was massive cat fight going on…No peace, simply no breather;
all this was taking a toll over my mood.
I was so frustrated with this noise and I was even more surprised to see the lady sleep in this situation.
Why God why?

All of this was increasing with the passage of time..
More crying, more gossiping, more fighting, more loud reading, more noise and more anger within me…Oh god please help!

This continued for the next thirty minutes, I was not even interested to check my phone, to divert my mind…Infact, I was about to burst with red anger.

Time passed and I gave up on the idea of any form of silence until I reached home.

And then, suddenly something happened.

Amidst this chaos , a cockroach flied and attacked the sleeping lady…and I burst into laughter, alone..!
Oh god, thankfully nobody saw the scene except for me, it shook the lady off her sleep and it was too funny a scene!

This lady, who was apparently in trance, woke up and checked for the station outside, unfortunately, she had missed her stop and had to rush to get down..And then she ran to get to the door!
Poor lady 😦
This let me to think something so deep.
Imagine, if it wasn’t for this Cockroach, the lady would still be sleeping..!
Isn’t it amazing?
After all,
what does a human require?
To wake up from the deep sleep?
A creature as small as a cockroach to make a difference!