I don’t know how other people manage to portray themselves so gracefully, because I have embarrassed myself more than an ordinary person must have ever done. Thanks to my ‘now-trying-to-overcome-people-pleasing-habit’, I have faced numerous situations wherein I never fail to feel less embarrassed about the things I have done and continue doing.

Although, it has guilt- driven after effects, so much so that I literally stop talking to myself! But then, I have decided to change the way I behave.

Here goes a list of things you can do to stop embarrassing yourself!

Do not reveal your personal life in its entirety:

Revealing your personal life, is not always a good thing, I mean, showing all your cards can leave you flabbergasted, at times! Speak what is required and also know, not everyone deserves to know it all about you!

Think before you speak:

Think more, speak less. And when you speak, make sure all your homework is done on that subject. Because half-knowledge is worse than no-knowledge at all! And yes, a tip, stop blabbering.

For important situations, always have a mental escape plan:

Sometimes, we face certain situations wherein we need an escape plan in that very moment. Better to have a plan beforehand. I have always failed to have such plans, we may come across such situations during interviews, office chai discussions, etc.

If you are wrong, accept it:

They say, ‘Acceptance is the key’, so use that key anywhere you want! Accept you are wrong but please do not make a big deal out of it. Make it less dramatic and yes, clam down.

Let no one insult you for your ignorance:

Chances are people may insult you for your ignorance. But hey, your existence matters to your loved ones. If people insult you, you gotta pull up your socks, my friend. Take no Sh*t!

Revenge is not the answer:

Ok so do not give Sh*t either. Revenge is for people who are weak and helpless. You are strong, you don’t need to always give it back. Relax, and forget.

Gain Knowledge, understand and learn:

Although Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is power, when will the World understand this? Read books, watch great stuff on the internet, study nature, just try to improve yourself everyday.

Leave it on God:

The ultimate authority is still ruling the World, leave it on him for things not in your control. Trust me, it feels so good surrendering! You may keep repeating your mistakes but then, it is OKAY!

Become smarter with every move in life- use your past experiences:

Your past experiences are your treasure-houses, why waste it? Know that you are good enough for everything! Let your past experiences give you chances to rectify yourself and start things afresh.

Help others:

This is the most satisfactory thing you can do, help others who are probably going through the same situation. And lending a hand to someone makes your arm stronger. Agree?

Forgive yourself:

You have to forgive and talk nicely to yourself. Yes, you may have let yourself down, your world must have shaken but nobody is going to mention this in any of the History books.

So chill, and yes, start again.

What do you do revive the relationship with your own-self when you embarrass yourself?

No wonder it is rightly said:

To err is human, to forgive Divine!!