This show has been a joy ride for me in the past few days. No wonder, all the actors have given their best performances and deserved all the Emmys, Golden Globes and the endless list of awards! I learnt so much from this show; so much so that I made a list of it. These are my takeaways from the show. And btw, you are going to love the photos below for sure.

Read on to know & learn:

  • Always dress classy & lady-like. Because it never goes out of style!
  • Failure is a part of the game, just don’t stop! And if you feel like stopping, take a break! But, no stopping.
  • After a certain age, your parents need not know everything about you. But that does not mean they do not have the right to care!!
  • A straight-forward well-wisher is better than a nice friend.
  • Do not forget to show that you ‘love’ !
  • Prioritize yourself, no matter what!
  • Giving up is not and has never been an option.
  • You will eventually find your passion, keep looking and exploring.
  • In this male dominated World, be that outstanding woman!
  • It is okay to laugh on your problems, they are not here to stay, anyway.
  • Well, know your ‘makeup’ and ‘wardrobe’ right.
  • Connection is currency.
  • Apologizing is not bending!
  • Make & keep ‘notes’ and you will never regret.
  • Wait for no one’s validation to define success for you.
  •  Be inquisitive and curious, throughout your life.
  • It’s okay to goof up and fall flat on your face, life gives everyone a chance.
  • Struggling is not bad, it has its own charm.
  • Your mom is your best critic.
  • Don’t be scared of competition, every individual is unique.
  • You loose or win, your family always has your back.
  • When life gives you an opportunity, never say NO!
  • Lastly, never compromise on your vacation. Take breaks to realign your thoughts!

God bless the ‘Web-series’ Era!