I started to blog last year around the same time, while I was still unsure even during the process, to really do it or no. I did write articles and did every possible thing, an aspiring blogger would do. Connecting via Instagram , creating a Facebook page, opening a Twitter Account, installing the WordPress App, putting WhatsApp statuses and just talking about it, I did full on promotion of my page (I have never asked someone to do it for me, though). I did pay for FB and Insta promotions as well! In fact, I did put genuine efforts for two months to become a famous blogger (instantly). But nothing worked.

Should I care?

I put up on my LinkedIn page as a ‘blog writer’, but somewhere I was guilty; I knew how much of a blogger I am (or was). I stopped writing entirely and to my surprise, nobody even asked me! My followers never increased from a count of 120 on Insta, my Facebook page also has less than 300 followers. How sad! My WordPress followers are what, 13?

 I just thought of erasing this from my memory, I was hurt, honestly. I mean, I really love expressing myself via writing and I did make an attempt to be an Influencer, nothing ever worked. I even thought of coming back to Blogging as a new year Resolution, still I did not post.

Social media handles and desperation, where is my hobby here?

A month passed by and then one fine day, a huge amount was deducted from my Credit Card, for the renewal of my website. I was so sad that day, for not utilizing my domain, just coz I thought that only number of followers count and my domain was a total waste since no traffic I could pull. Of course, I paid my dues and just pretended that I had forgotten about it. Still for the next one month I only kept thinking about blogging. If nothing, at least I really didn’t want my money to be wasted!

These blogging thoughts haunted me every single day. I woke up feeling dissatisfied and deeply sad that I am a failure at this. A handful of people did ask me to re-start it, a few people also reached out to me to be a blog writer for their site..but I just thought it was not meant for me! I started hating this idea altogether.

Cross my heart, I always dreamt of being a successful blogger with a beautiful website.

Do I want my heart happy or that Insta heart?

Today, it is a different scenario, like the majority of the World, I am in a lock-down and it’s been 6 days!

A voice inside my brain constantly kept saying ‘please try for the sake of a hobby and no instant success or something superficial’. And finally! I thought of giving it a try one more time..I thought of just writing something that let me lighten the burden off my shoulder..it was too heavy!

Some where a force reckoned me to restart it!

Let me free my inner desires and focus on what needs to be done!

And what inspired me to write once again?

I have a few answers to it. One, being Gary Vee’s Instagram posts, trust me, it kept hitting me hard (with no offence). And two, that little hope that never failed to die. Three, God! He is playing some serious games right now!

So, here I am , I promise myself to just write and give my blog what it deserves! ‘My’ Attention !

See you until the next time!