The other day, I was happily going through my Pinterest boards! Funny cats, dogs, DIYs, memes; don’t you think Pinterest is fun…?But wait, suddenly I saw something and got anxious.

I came across a picture that that really made me uneasy, I started sweating and almost got a cold feet! It was a picture of a Pregnant Barbie doll , which is actually a common phenomena for a lot of people in the world and many own it. I was not able to digest the fact that such kind of dolls do exist! Do I live in a cave?

And then , one thing let to another and I found 4 unusual barbie dolls which are still on sale (a few were on sale in the past, not anymore).

I remember I was not that privileged to have Barbie dolls during my growing years, I always ended up getting a substitute, but now, I will never have that regret.

This article is not targeted towards any company or any person’s creativity but I intent to throw some light upon the fact that adults don’t spare children in any aspect of life. All I pray is, let childhood be innocent & beautiful and be saved from such cruel adult intentions.

If you read about Barbie’s Wikipedia page, you would be astonished to know that German doll Bild Lilli was an inspiration from which Barbie doll was created.

And before I forget, please know that Bild Lilli was a comic-strip character, who was a sexy racy German novelty toy marketed to men!

Barbie doll had a dark past.

Here goes a list of few Barbie dolls which still gets me cold feet!

4. The Lingerie Barbie Doll

Source : Mattel

Yes, the age specified for such dolls is strictly for ‘Adult collectors’, but strange, everything is available under the same roof.

3. Phenomenon called ‘Divorced Barbie’

Source : 9gag

So, children don’t understand what does ‘just kidding’ mean! Imagine, how difficult it is to explain this to them.

2. Pregnant barbie

Source : eBay

So, I tried searching for this doll on, with no successful results. Perhaps they are not available now. But, Midge is from the Barbieverse and was pretty much controversial during the 60s.

She has a Wikipedia page of her own!

1. Pregnant Barbie with a detachable baby

Source : Mirror UK

This happened in 2018 and no doubt, parents were outraged.

Here goes the link to the Mirror UK, explaining the details!

Well, I have many questions as to availability of these dolls, but then, people buy it and it is uncommomnly common to own & collect it.

Please don’t ruin the childhood, it is rare to safeguard it now.