It is that point in life where the world is already aghast over the Crude oil prices going negative. All I am thinking about is, how many people I have been rude to, so far, especially my parents.

I don’t know what has struck me so sudden that I just can’t stop feeling sorry about the very fact that I have been very rude to people in life, sometimes, for no reason. Also, I get irritated the most when my dad asks me the same questions about operating the Smart phone & Smart TV. It irks the hell out of me and that  makes me talk rudely because I am actually triggered every time he asks me how to watch live news on the phone. I have explained it to him, like ten times so far?

It hit me hard when I watched a few videos by Vice News channel on YouTube, about the condition in Italy and the USA. It broke my heart into pieces and I still cannot stop thinking about the huge personal losses people are facing. And grieving that must be happening at this very moment. Imagine the plight of people behind the closed doors, those who are missing their loved ones. Gosh, it hurts, to even think.#Covid19

And hence, I have decided to stop being rude from this point in time in life. I will answer to each and every question my dad asks. I will always, always, always be soft and kind towards him and to every human being and animal, actually.

I am so sorry mom and dad.

It is the best opportunity to bring about all the change in thyself .It is a sudden revelation or something, I do not know. But I have come to a conclusion; nothing is greater than kindness and love in this life & in this world. It is as simple as that!

You know the way robots are designed to complete a ‘task’, we humans are designed to love each other, to be kind, to be humans, in the end of it.

My heart goes out to every single person who lost their loved ones.

And for those who are safe with their loved ones, please love them even more. Trust me, you can mend a broken economy but not a dead body.

Act now, do the introspection, and feel that guilt and let it hit you so hard that your conscience is awakened!
If you have a chance, say sorry and seek for forgivenes.

Take a step, be nice, be kind and be nothing but a human.