Ever since I got conscious of my choices, I have always allowed being a ‘night person’ to be on top of it all. I find solace in the calm nights because I have a feeling, I simply own my ‘nights’.

Welcome to the thoughts of a secret Nyctophile aka a secret night lover!

I actually lust nights, I love being awake at night. I have tried becoming a ‘morning’ person but my efforts have been futile. C’mon, I cannot ditch my first love so easily.!

Well read on if you are able to relate to it, just relax and let me take you to my world of ‘night loving’.

Is darkness always negative? I really don’t think so. Beautiful things happen in the night. Let me list out some of the best things that happen to me in the night that makes me wait for it eagerly!

  • I get a sudden urge to read/ research on my favourite topics with full commitment and focus.
  • I like be left undisturbed by people; night is the only time I am completely with ‘myself’.It is like having the best ‘me-time’ of the day ( or the night?)!
  • I think and analyse upon my dreams and aspirations with a dose of reality check.
  • I get wonderful & creative business ideas that really boosts my optimism for the future. (Someday, I will be an entrepreneur)
  • I solve my problems and talk to myself. I cry with full force and guilt, in case I need to let myself free from something that is bothering me.
  • In the midst of night, I just wake up and have a look at my face into the mirror, to see how I look and go skin deep and stare at myself for a while to get that feeling of my ‘conscience’ (don’t worry, this is not creepy).
  • I get a sudden urge of being grateful to God for everything I have and that makes me so comfortable with myself.
  • At times, I listen to podcasts and think deeper than the subject.
  • Nights give me a sense of security, it makes me believe that I have the next day waiting for me to start afresh.
  • I star gaze and think about all the celestial bodies, Astronomy is ‘my’ thing!

So please, don’t ask me to turn into a morning person, I am fine the way I am. I love nights. They are calm, composed, beautiful, silent and most importantly, I am accompanied by the sky full of stars, what better company can I ask for.?

I love it all and I love being a nyctophile ♥️♥️