Tattoos are artistic and very personal but they are more than just a design on one’s body, don’t you think?They have stories, they have emotions! I have never had any tattoo but the idea of tattooing always fascinates me. It is like a commitment to something till the end of life!

We humans have left no stone unturned when it comes to creativity and Tattoos are an amazing example of it, read on to find out tattoo ideas that can inspire you.

  • Sound Wave Tattoo

First, audio is translated into a visual wave, which is inked on your skin, which can then be played by using ‘Skin Motion’ App when you scan it. It works almost exactly the way QR codes work. You can save recordings which are less than a minute.

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  • Green Screen Tattoo

This one allows to watch videos on your skin. I am not kidding! There is an artist by the name Roy Lee Rowlett who came up with this mind blowing idea. If I had to explain you in one statement, how it works? As per, green colour is singled out, and it is made transparent during post-production and after using a software, this is all made possible. 

Source : Ricky and Morty YouTube
  • Colour Changing Tattoo

Well, this exclusively monitors your health, especially sugar & sodium levels in your body. More than just a designer tattoo, it is helpful to the health experts.

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  • Glow in the dark Tattoo/ Neon Tattoo

These tattoos are made up of fluorescent colours which cannot be clearly seen in the daylight. Such tattoos are created with a special UV ink. Consider getting one?

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  • Permanent Makeup Tattoo

Micro-blading (for the eyebrows), lip blush (for the lips), eyeliner are some of the famous permanent makeup tattoos.. I mean people are so lazy to put on the makeup? Really? Would you ever think of getting one?

Source : Rachel Aust YouTube
  • Permanent Glitter Tattoo

Only temporary glitter tattoos or glitter lotion on the existing ones show up on the skin. Permanent glitter does not show up on the skin. If you are fantasizing over some gold or diamond tattoo, tbh human skin doesn’t show up that glitter.

  • 3D Tattoo

These tattoos are one with an extra dimension. What you see is an illusion created by the artist. I like it!

Source : Reynney YouTube

While I was reading about Tattoos, what shook me the most is that ‘Tattoo Ink’ is not FDA approved instead, it is just regulated by FDA, since it is considered as a cosmetic product.

Think before you Ink!