Ever since the world has been introduced to concepts like quarantine, self-isolation, lock-down; we are all losing our minds as to why this punishment? But deep down inside, we all know, somewhere it is a blessing in disguise.

There are tons of articles and videos available, as to how to productively utilize time during this period of adversity.

I have come up with some offbeat ideas that can be done by one and all, while you stay at home.

And here goes the list..!

1.Write a letter

A hand written letter is still cool! Write letters to your school teacher, your partner, friends; and hand it over to them once the lock down is over. You have all the time in this World to write and express everything inside of you. Imagine the excitement involved in this entire process.

It is not at all old-school to write a letter!

2. Write a Fan mail

Trust me there are higher chances of them being answered now. Don’t slide into the DMs, instead write an email to someone whom you look up to on the block, it could be your favouritre YouTube artist, Instagram influencer or your favorite author. Contact details are easily available on their social media profiles.

Thank them for all the good things you have learnt from them!

3. Connect with the Almighty

While a lot of our people are in danger, there is another side to it, a lot of us are safe. Why not take a moment and simply thank god for everything! Of course this is personal, but try connecting with the divinity in your own way.

Prayers are always heard.

4. Watch cosmic videos

Ever since I was a kid, stars, galaxies, celestial bodies amazed me to the core.

When was the last time you visited a planetarium? Why not just watch some videos on beauty of cosmos and appreciate the vastness of Universe?

We are all but a grain in this vast Universe.

5. Watch Wildlife & Bird videos

Wildlife videos are a different genre altogether, apart from the fact that they are thrilling, it can also help you understand the basic traits of these beautiful beings. You will be amazed by the videos available online and there is so much to learn something or the other from our fellow friends.

Big Cat videos are my personal favourite 🙂

6. Educate yourself on ‘Environment Sustainability

We all know, we have harmed our beautiful environment more than doing good to it. Why not adapt a different a lifestyle once we get back to normalcy? Living a plastic free, organic, environmentally friendly life is need of the hour. Again, Internet is filled with ideas of living a sustainable life.

Let us do our bit…

7. Listen to a podcast completely

Recently, I binge -listened to Soha Ali Khan’s podcast ‘Story time with Soha Ali Khan’. I loved it so much. There are numerous podcasts on various topics, that are not only educational but may help you discover a ‘new you’. So grab your ear phones and listen to something of your interest.

Binge listen!

8. Water your plants Daily

We all have that one plant we see everyday. So now, start watering it according to its need, you will develop a beautiful relationship with it, altogether. Some studies suggest that you should talk to your plants. Well, don’t be surprised if I told you that plants make for a perfect best friend.

Plants are here to stay!

9. Hug

Just hug the person or pet you are with. Hugging helps release endorphins (so endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain) & increase circulation. See, how much beneficial it is to our health apart from the fact that you are making the opposite person/ pet feel secure and loved.

Hug it out.

10. Do some D.I.Y Project

In the past few weeks, I tried many D.I.Y face masks and recipes. Take something up of your interest.

D.I.Y makeup, D.I.Y crafts, D.I.Y snacks, D.I.Y gifts, etc. You name it, Internet has it.

Just do some D.I.Y. project that can challenge your creative bone.

Do not forget to share your D.I.Y s on your social media platforms, it is FUN!!

Do try one of these beautiful activities and experience the difference!

We are in this together.