I vividly remember the time when I first ‘felt’ for a red lipstick, two years after my graduation (yes, I did not own lipsticks till then) I visited a M.A.C store and tried a red lipstick tester (btw, testers are dangerous! Post Corona world should never do these testers please, I was naive then.)

That glow it brought on my face was simply magical.

The colour immediately made its way into my heart, it swooned me and got me weak on my knees; and since then, I am a hoarder of various brands of lipsticks with almost the same shade of red or shades revolving around red.

Red lipstick is my go-to therapist!

I have no choice but present the reasons for my love in ‘point format’ as I have so many reasons to love my red lips!

  • It gives me an instant splash of confidence.
  • It boosts my femininity.
  • It tightly holds my self-esteem.
  • It makes me feel that anything is possible and I am capable of everything.
  • It makes me look so beautiful.
  • It makes me face my fears.
  • It just lightens up my face and make me feels as if I am a powerhouse of energy.
  • It helps me embrace my flaws.
  • This colour suits every woman on this planet.
  • A red lipstick and lingerie are best friends!

Guess, any red lipstick is my therapist. I could write endlessly on what a red lipstick actually does to me; and I am more than thankful to that person who invented the perfect red lipstick!

If I had to choose my favourite red lipstick, it would definitely be the ones from Estée Lauder (their shades are just perfect!).

I can just apply a red lipstick sans any other makeup and confidently go around and pose for the photos.

How strange, I was wondering, I look for inspiration from a red lipstick which is from the ‘outside’, whereas this Colour is already flowing ‘inside’ my body.!

Keep calm and put your red lipstick on, what say?