I am proud of the fact that I found out about ‘Pinterest’ on my own. I mean, who does not look out for inspiration on Pinterest?

Since years, I have been making and saving my beautiful boards. They are like a sweet World of my own that exists online.

Every picture I pin, has a reason behind it and today, I have decided to share 10 pictures that I wish were my real life story.

The board goes by the name ‘That’s so me!!’

Let us get started.

#1. The Magical Cat

This one is of my favourite images till date. I wish I was a damsel in distress and this Cat was my go-to friend, then I would read her some stories, we would live happily ever after.

#2. The mysterious Rainy Night

I love rains in the night. That feeling of watching it from the comfort of your home, is simply mystical.

Wearing red and watching out the night sky with my favourite drink, makes for a perfect date with myself.

#3. The innocent Adult

I swear, I think I need 50 more years to become an adult. Basically, I am still living my childhood.

#4. The Starry Night Sky

If only could I collect the stars from the dark night sky, as if they were meant for me? And the Moon would help me select them and I would create something out of those stars.

#5. The Credit Card Baby

I love swiping my Credit cards and enjoy my little happiness. Imagine a life-size credit card, I would ride on it and savour life.

#6. The Giant Ocean

More often than not, I see ‘Oceans and water bodies’ in my dreams. Someday, I will visit this place and let the giant ocean hug me tightly.

#7. The lazy Blob

I am lazy and a noob so yes, this one is perfect one for me, I am a blob in this tech-savy world.

#8. The aspiring Blogger

These words made a deep impact on me. I would say, I started because of these wise words.

#9. The Real life Moana

Tropical vibes refreshes my soul. The beach, the sand, the hand-made shell necklaces are all my friends.

#10. My Ideal family

Any idea, how can I be friends with these guys? Because, the moment I get associated with them, I would leave the human society. I really would not mind spending the rest of my life with them.

I do not own any right of the pictures above. These pictures are close to my heart and would not want any trouble because of it, they were solely used to express my imagination.

Start making inspiration boards and see your life change.❤️