In the early months of lock-down, we saw how nature was healing itself without any human interference. It was embarrassing for us, humans, to digest the fact that it was ‘us’ who lead to such a damage to our beautiful home.

Tell me, do you feel sad about how we greatly contributed to polluting our rivers, oceans and mountains? And continue to do so.

Then, why not bring about a small change in our daily habits that would lead to something better.

No, I won’t say eat organic, go Vegan, adapt freeganism. Only a minor change in the approach towards our daily life and you will be happy to see the outstanding results, at least I have started practicing a few of them!

Check them out…

  • Educating thy self and our children about it

Social media is filled with Success stories and challenges that people take up to go Garbage-free, plastic-free, environment-friendly; they educate themselves first and then decide upon which practices suit them the most. So, watching documentaries, reading about it gives us an idea, to start, at least! We can start with Waste Management, btw.

  • Using recyclable Plastic only

Have you seen various marks/symbols on plastic bottles and packets and ever wondered, what does this stand for? Some type of plastic is not at all recyclable or it may take up to millions of years.

Source : Researchgate


But, now that we have a chance to revive our habits, why not start from here? We cannot stop buying completely, but, we may look out for substitutes or be more cautious as to its disposal.

  • Calculating our Carbon footprints

Carbon Footprint means the amount of Greenhouse gases (eg.:Carbon dioxide)  released in the atmosphere as a result of activities of an individual, communities and organisations (as per dictionary meaning). Here is the chart,that explains, which country contributes the most.

In fact, after the ‘Global Warming’ phenomenon, the country governments have come up with provision of subsidies to the Companies that bring about changes in their production system that contribute to lesser pollution.

Also, we see many gadgets that are power-saving or use lesser energy.

Overall, if we study this in its entirety, we can really change our ‘Consumer habits’ and make a difference.

  • Supporting businesses that adapt Eco-friendly practices

A lot of companies are changing the way they do the packaging. Instead of plastic/ paper bags, cloth bags are the new way to go shopping. Society is also looking for Companies/ Organisations that don’t only make money but care for the environment.  Brownie points for that!

  • Every time we visit a beach or any land-form, start cleaning it

Just because we are not disciplined enough, we have to pay heavily!

Let me give you an example, it is compulsory for every Mt. Everest climber to come down with 8 kg of Garbage. According to, each team pays a garbage deposit to the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee (SPCC) and also for the weekly collections of human waste which is taken to a large hole in the ground down the valley. Toilet barrels are charged by the kilo.

On visiting , this is what I found!

Need I say more?

We all know about the beach clean drives voluntarily taken up by individuals and NGOs.

So the next time you go on a beach, don’t just chill, collect some garbage.

  • Planting a tree on Birthdays & Anniversaries

Do you remember, Karnataka’s 107-year-old Saalumarada Thimmakka was presented the Padma Shri in 2019 for planting thousands of trees for over 65 years.

There are a lot of NGOs who encourage this drive. Just Google it and you will see there is already so much good work happening in this area.

  • Carrying thy own small Garbage bag

Honestly, I thought of this idea while writing this article. I am not asking you to collect the garbage from the streets. But we should collect the garbage we ‘create’ , since it is solely our responsibility.

What say?

So next time, do not forget the disposable garbage bag!

  • Personal habits

This includes, spitting, spilling, smoking, using Air Conditioners, not switching off the lights, unnecessary use of water, washing clothes by the river/ lake.

No, I am not asking to stop it entirely, but some sort of discipline is always appreciated!

They say, your bit will make a difference.

  • Observing Earth hour every month

Again, I thought of it while writing this article. Instead of observing it on a particular day of the year. We can start doing it often, by switching off on any given day of the month. Plus we will save a few pennies on the electricity bills.

After the Covid-19 hit the human Race, I cannot wait to seek for forgiveness from the ‘Mother Nature’. Inculcating these habits would be a proof of a changed behaviour and a responsible attitude.

What are your thoughts?