Human race is facing the worst phase of the Century.

None of us ever imagined that 2020 would be a year of loss.


People are losing their lives.

Families are losing their loved ones.

Government is losing its control.

A lot of us are losing our jobs.

I just want you to know, this too shall pass and you will be fine.

Right now, your ‘life’ is way more important than money or savings or that job position.Yes, it will pass through and you will come out alive, as a winner and as a hero! All this is unusual and so is your job loss. Not your fault.

I want to give you hope and want you to have that strong faith on everything that the future has for you, life is certainly unpredictable but one thing that remains constant is ‘hope’.

You are more than that job and more than the money you earned. You are a precious human being, the most beautiful creation by the almighty. You have every right to remain happy in these bad times, you have every right to try and succeed.

THE WORST IS OVER! Start afresh🍹

This is your learning and you got be strong and hopeful. You are being loved and protected ❤️The divine forces and the Universe is with you.

Your yearnings are heard of and they will be answered. Have faith. You will be absolutely fine.

My prayers with you.

God bless.