I looooove cats, I go crazy just by their very sight! They make me forget my problems just because my mind is diverted into the dilemma as to how to make them love me and hold their attention. That is no less a problem for me.

Dog-lovers say Cats have an ‘attitude’ problem. Duh!

I say, cats do not care what you think about them, simply because they are busy with themselves.

Stop judging, you Hoomans.

I cannot wait to pass on the wisdom to you guys, things I learnt from these fur balls!

1. Don’t react to everything happening around you

Have you seen cats being least bothered about things happening around them? I mean after a while, they will even stop playing with that stupid feather toy and those earphones. Cats, give us humans, a limited time frame, where we got to do so many things. After which, they don’t react and stop entertaining.

Humans, watch and learn! Why do we react to everything in life? Get that Cat Swag!

2. Remain subtly curious

They say, Curiosity kills the Cat. Being over anxious and worried about things will not help.

Shower love on cats, try to kiss them and see their reaction. They really do not respond as much as we do, just because they are subtly curious and not unnecessarily excited about our love.

Humans, watch and learn! Why do we worry so much about the future. Calm down. It will all be fine.

3. Prioritize sleep over everything

This is my favourite learning. Cats sleep between 12-16 hours. I am not asking you to sleep for half of your life. But, give your body enough rest and sleep that it deserves. Cats never compromise on their sleep. God has been extra nice to them in this area of life.

Humans, watch and learn! Sleep for sufficient hours and never compromise on that!

4. Have some ‘Class

Sometimes, when cats don’t respond back, I feel I am not good enough for them, that I can hang out with them. And, when they play with other humans, I feel sad. I get the non-verbal message, they have a ‘class’ and don’t intend to share a part of themselves with anyone and everyone they meet. Noted.

Humans, watch and learn! Don’t open up so much, that people take you for granted.

5. Listen to everyone but take your own decisions

Never ever in my lifetime, I have seen a cat listen to their owners. They are kings and queens of their own lives. A simple example, you offer them something, they will check it first and only after they trust the process, will they have it.

Humans, watch and learn! You are the architect of your life. Take your life decisions and also the responsibility of your actions.

6. Express love to only a few

Again, have you seen Cats expressing love all the time?


But ever wondered, when they express love, it is all are captured on the camera and shared with the world, no wonder it is a rare thing to happen. That is the beauty and dignity of their love.

Humans, watch and learn! Your love is precious and don’t waste on people who do not deserve it.

7. Love your own company

I have never seen cats roaming around in groups. I mean if it is a cat family, that is fine. They are so comfortable with themselves. They explore and grow.

How Beautiful!

And they don’t even need humans all the time. They like being left alone.

Humans, watch and learn, love your own company and do not depend on any one for your happiness, I mean apart from your family.

8. When in doubt, cuddle

Cuddling is so soothing, it is scientifically proven that cuddling helps in relieving stress. Annnnnd cat cuddles are the BEST! Cuddle with a cat & see your problems flow down the drain. That innocent cuddling with no expectation in return, so selfless!

Humans, watch and learn! Cuddle with your partner and see your love grow.

I will never stop learning from these lovelies. It pacifies me when I just look at them. Learning from them is ,my next level ‘love’ towards them.

Thank you humans for reading.

(One reason I wrote this entire blog- Cats Memes!)

Source: Pinterest is my source of all memes above, I own no right over them.