Tears roll down my cheeks when I see my city so empty and silent. Every person who has been to Mumbai knows how beautifully chaotic this city is!

I wish Mumbai was a person, I would hug it so tight. For once, I wish I could talk to this city and tell it that it will all be fine and we will get back on our feet soon. I would comfort it and assure it that we would again dance in its lap and give a tune to its song.

Dear Mumbai, do you hear me?

Remember the Gudi Padwa days? When people of this city would dress up at their best and come on the streets with Dhol, Nagada and Lazim?

I want them back!

Remember the Diwali time? When the city sparkles with the lights, shimmer and smiles of people?

I want them back!

Remember the Ganpati Utsav? When the city is at its glorious best?

I want them back!

I want my crowded-train travel days back.

I want my street food days back.

I want my romantic Marine drive walks back.

I want every single day back, which made me and my Mumbai happy.

It makes me cry as I miss it all; my traffic days, rush-hour restaurants waits, temples tours, building poojas, Navratri nights, South Bombay heritage walks, street shopping, Auto Taxi fights, fourth seat in the train fights.

Well, I should stop now. This will make my city weak. But you know what? Mumbai has seen the worst and got back on its feet, EVERYTIME.

The people of this city are standing in solidarity this time too. And my city still has a strong spine to stand up for its people and it is already doing that.

Mumbai, you are strong and I am proud of you, and I am sure you will emerge out of this situation, my jaan.

I love you, I really do!

I may have missed out on a lot of places and experiences about Mumbai here, my memory is blurred by my tears.

Mumbai loves its people and never leaves them alone. So why should we leave this beauty alone?

Mumbai can you read this letter please. There is no way I can get out of my house now to meet you.