I am at my mental best and would want to share with you all, my perspective of some beautiful abstract pictures I found on pexels.com.


Here it goes…

(1) The Sea Saga

This feels like a place between the land and a sunset in the middle of the sea. The sea is going wild but there are no signs of any cyclone.

No, wait, there is a war going on between the two ships and the sea is wild due to the humans fighting on it.

A Shark is making its way to these ships and trying to catch hold of one of its anchor to stop the war.

There is a crow in this, who is watching everything and can’t help but feel sad. The waves are huge and are now reaching the flag-post. The battle has just begun!

(2) The Golden Era

This reminds me of the Egyptian era, when Cleopatra reigned. The colour does not belong to the modern times but is as old as the humanity.

The more the cracks, blackness and crater like spots, the more the power. The beauty is not fading away but the sheen has gone.

Now, the new luxury is not Gold but the comfort of your own skin. If you are happy within, the outer gold will not matter. Gone are the days when people were forced to worship someone due to power, now are the days of freedom.

(3) The Nature Man

We are not a part of nature, we are the ‘Nature’. But our actions are such that are not in sync with the nature. Nature is predominantly green in colour. The picture says that what if Man was green, may be then he would have taken the tree, plants, grass seriously?

Now, the skin coloured man is exhausted and has taken his feet off the ground, the man turns green but has no energy to get in sync with the nature. The white sky is turning green and asking him to try again.

 (4) The Infinite Rays of Light

This is where the humanity is heading? The infinite rays of light and an ultra-advanced technology? Our view is blurred with so much evolution in the area of technology that it will not only challenge the humanity but also change the humanity, as a whole.

This reminds me of the times, when we will have metal wings and there would be human-traffic in the sky instead of beautiful birds.

(5) The Success Ladder

A success ladder is a basically a box ladder, where one needs to stay for a while at every stage, one needs to sit down and prepare thyself, for the next step, there are already a lot of people in that box.

It all looks similar but in reality, it is all different. The more you prepare, the more you go up, above, on the TOP. Do not give up, do what others do, a little here and there, you will be thrown out of the box. The way out of this box is smooth, though.

So, here it ends.

I believe, the concept of ‘Abstract’ is like letting your inner true-self, free. It is, indeed, a creative challenge.

Pick up some random abstract pictures and start imagining. Trust me, human imagination is beyond this universe!