I am a curious person, I want to know everything under the Sun, even if I know, not everything is my cup of tea.

That is okay, the Universe is anyway mysterious, and not every question has been answered till date.

So here is the list of my not-so-stupid-questions.

# 1. What is the exact amount of plastic that has NOT yet been recycled on this planet?

# 2. If I could count every strand of hair on a person’s body, what would be the total count of hair of the entire Human Population, right now?

# 3. What happens to the unfulfilled dreams of people who genuinely try and die? Are successful people those souls, who, lose it in their last birth and come back to fulfill their dreams?

# 4. What are names of all the Colours in this World? They say there are 10 million colours.

# 5. Which day it is today, if I had to count from the first day of the Earth.

# 6. Can I learn all the languages, spoken on this planet in one lifetime, if I have the best I.Q.?

# 7. If every human participated in making of a human chain, how long would it be?

# 8. When will the Corona Virus go entirely?

A lot of my questions are full of ambiguity but then, I won’t settle even if these questions are answered.

Such is my curiosity.

Thank you for reading.