In these tough times when everything is depressing all around the Globe, food is the only hope I have in life and something I look forward to! Being a Gujrati has a lot of benefits, ask any of your office colleague, they would tell you; Gujratis carry a lot of tiffin boxes, given a variety of food recipes available. Now, I am just working from home and food is the most exciting part of my day, again, given the various Gujrati food recipes my mom knows.

Have a look at these mouth-watering food items. They are 100% vegetarian and tummy-filling.

Mango Fajeto (Mango Curry)

Methi Papad nu Shaak (Vegetable)

Daal Dhokli

Ringda no Olo (Eggplant Spread)

Pudla (Vegetable Pancake)

Mohanthal (Sweet)

Handvo (Vegetable Cake)

Fafda & Gathiya

Thepla (so many types)

Khaman Dhokla


Khakhra (innumerable varieties available)

Gujrati Khatti Meethi Daal

Fada Lapsi (Sweet)

Sev Tameta nu Shaak

Undhiyu (Mixed Vegetable)

Lasanya Rotla

Sambharo (many types available)

Chundo (Mango Pickle)


The best part about India is the diversity in its culture, food, dressing, languages, and the list is endless. Gujrati cusine is a small contributor in this list.

Gujju food is famous worldwide for its taste and authenticity. These food items are easy to make and easy to digest.

Do search for the recipes on YouTube and be prepared to be swooned away by its heavenly taste!

(Note: I have taken the above photos from Pinterest and I own no rights of them)