We all know about Pet Parenting and are one or have been one at some point in time, but plant parenting has never been in vogue so much ever, I wonder why no one talks about it?

Plant parenting is not a new thing in the town, and finally, I have been influenced to be one since the beginning of COVID-19. Oh Corona! What have you done to this World?

So, here are my quick plans to begin on Plant Parenting:

Start with Succulents, Tulsi, Snake plants

These plants are too small and do not require that much of maintenance. All they require is care, attention and love (like any other child). In fact, I am a strong believer that just go to a nursery and select a plant that is your ‘Calling’. And start somewhere!

Make a beautiful ‘Plant Wall’ / ‘Plant section’ in the house

This is my biggest dream for now. Look at this wall, it makes for an amazing view, plus, you know they are all yours. Proud parents, must say.

Or else, a dedicated plant section with cute accessories can make for the most beautiful place in your home.

Name all the plants and talk to them

Naming them gives them an individuality and like any other living creature, plants do tend to reciprocate in their own way. Call me mad, but plants do communicate, plants are allergic, they throw cute tantrums, they bend on purpose, and they express, things only a parent would understand.

Oh! I cannot wait for those moments to happen!

Don’t just continue to keep them in Sun and forget about them

This is a mistake that should be avoided. Only Sun and water do not make for a best plant, there are many things to a beautiful plant! Educating thyself on the plant selected, beforehand, always helps! They also need shade as much as they require Sun light, btw.

Understand their ‘Water-need’

I remember, I tried growing Lotus plant in my house garden and unfortunately the plant died in 2 months, because I had provided it with a lot of water, more than required. It has left a lasting effect on me. Every plant has a unique water requirement, which cannot be compromised!

Understand ‘Plant Care’

When I hear ‘care’, all I think is the health of any being. So, Plant health is equally important. There are natural organic khad (manure) available that help them grow well. Local nurseries have various options available.

Make a regular routine just for them

Everything requires time and efforts and there is no substitute to it. A regular routine, a dedicated time slot will only make us more connected and affectionate towards them.

I am extremely excited to become a Plant Parent.

Plants give us everything! Be it the beautiful ambience, soothing greenery, and that feeling of affinity. Plants are our fellow beautiful mates on Earth. They are here since time immemorial.

So to start with, House plants are low-maintenance and they will never leave you, come what may. Just that extra care will go a long way!

And yes, there is a difference between a plant owner and a plant parent, hence this article.

I believe, every human should vow to be a plant parent!