My name is Meghna. People make a lot of mistakes in the spelling of my name. Errors like ‘Meghana’, ‘Megha’, ‘Meghan’ are so common with this name. A few years back, I just wanted to change my name because I didn’t find it interesting or beautiful but boring 😐

Back then, I thought, what if I just changed my name to something either very modern or traditional but please, not ‘Meghna’. Seriously, one reason I thought of getting married soon was because I wanted to change my name!

There is a short-but-sweet story behind my name. Exactly a year before my birth, my parents got married, (February- which is spring in India), it rained heavily while my mom’s bidaai and hence, Meghna! (Also, back then, February never saw rains)

I know, this story won’t make sense to a lot people but it is really special to my parents ❤️

So, yes, I didn’t really like my name and the reason that made me love this finally, is quite interesting.

Read on!

Then as I was growing up, I found out that a lot of famous people have named their daughters ‘Meghna’.

Subhash Ghai’s daughter – Meghna.

Suresh Oberoi’s daughter – Meghna.

Gulzar Saab’s daughter – Meghna.!

In fact, there are a lot of other women named Meghna in various career fields! I used to wonder, how did they tolerate this name!

Initially I was also confused about the meaning of my name. Some told me it simply means ‘Rains’. Internet also told me that it means a ‘blissful rainwater cloud’. Then, I also found out that a river by the name ‘Meghna’ flows in Bangladesh. I concluded, what ever the meaning, it has got something to do with water!

And finally, a few years back, I met a learned guruji who explained me the hidden meaning of my name. It means….

Any guesses?

Come on, think!

It is easy..

Please try..!

Ok fine, let me tell you.

It means a river that follows the clouds ☁️🌨️🌧️

Is that not a beautiful meaning? I love rains anyway and water bodies are my favourite. I was astounded by this.

And then later, I just started loving my name, I don’t wish to change it anymore. Thanks to the guruji🙏

Also, if a great great legendary writer/ poet/ author Gulzar saab would have decided to name his daughter ‘Meghna’ , there has to be something beautiful about it. Don’t you think?No?

That’s how I fell in love with my name. No wonder, I associate myself with water, rains, oceans, rivers, clouds and my name replicates the same 🤗

If you ask me what’s in a name? I would say ‘a lot’!