Thanks to Covid, I am still working from home and thankfully, I have been getting time to think before I watch anything. Like the rest of the world, I am watching (not binge- watching) some unusual & mind-blowing webseries’, movies, short films, documentaries online.

I have watched a lot, and continue to put a tick on my ‘to-watch list’. So, coming to the tittle of my blog – Sunny Leone’s Karenjit Kaur. I honestly liked it sooo much❤️ Ok, there might be people who might judge me for liking it, but I really don’t care. That is one thing, I learnt from her story, DON’T CARE.!

No I am not going to write like a critic; Honestly, there is nothing to hate about the story 😎 I am here to talk about the impact it has made on me. And let me tell you, it has made a very positive impact on me. I am going to write on the way it has affected my thoughts, my perception and somewhere deep, the story of ‘Vohra’ family has touched my heart.

Let us get started.

Firstly, NRIs amaze me! Every family has a story of their own and how they succeeded in a foreign land. It is all praise-worthy!👏 Sunny’s family was a migrant family and the struggle of this family is so concerning. Also, it broke my assumption that there would be endless adult scenes in this series; guys, there were hardly any!!! It is not just the story of Sunny but her family. Especially, her mom❤️❤️ I don’t remember which episode, but one of those episodes where her mom was on the death bed, it made me cry so much, so hard, for hours!

One of the major learnings from her story was, don’t judge people for what they do. If people are harmless, let them just be! Yes, with due respect to religious sentiments, if a group of people think that some people are a bad influence on the society, so better formally communicate, but just don’t insult openly! We are all humans and we deserve humanity.

In various Indian literature, there has been a mention of a ‘beautiful woman’, her facial and bodily features; and without a doubt for me,she is that beautiful flawless woman 😍 What a beauty Sunny is! Throughout the series I saw no frame where her beauty wasn’t admirable. No I don’t see her as any adult actress but an amazingly beautiful woman.

Now coming to her family, oh god, this family, every single person, mom, dad , brother, husband, all have such a pivotal role to play! Her family actually never stopped her for anything, yes they did show the disappointment, but STOP HER? Na..!My focus is on the ‘decision-making’ part of an individual. Tell me, how many people get the right to decide for themselves? I am sorry, not many! Be it career, spouse, how to behave, etc., people are put in some invisible cage where their freedom is snatched! Sunny choose the life for herself and her family really never forced her to withdraw. I believe unless it involves any crime/ illegal act no one has the right to stop anyone to live a life of their own.

Her family did have embarrassing moments but they never really left her alone! They never abandoned her, yaar! I heartily appreciate this! Not many people would choose this, they would rather choose the society over their disobedient children. Her family had her back despite the disliking for her work, now that’s unconditional love! They perhaps saw her as a part of their family, their blood and not a rebellious daughter/ sister. How lovely ❣️Dil jeet liya!

Overall, the picturization and everything about Karenjit Kaur is perfect! Especially the theme music 💋 I am in love with it!

Also, lastly, on ‘Happiness’! Happiness means different to us all! So never do something that makes others happy, do something that satisfies your soul. Ok, so I don’t mean if you think murdering someone is satisfying you, then go, kill them. I mean is, live life on your terms, so that you don’t blame anyone in case something goes wrong. Your life, your decisions!

I won’t ask you to watch it , that’s your choice but in case you make up your mind to watch it, I assure you, you would come back to me and thank me 😌

I used the word ‘love’, so many times in this blog. But her story was all about love and family. I see her differently now, I see people differently now. If someone is doing something, behaving someway, there is a reason, a story, try knowing it but for God’s sake don’t judge. We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord.

And yes I might want to write more on this, let’s see!

See you soon!

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