It’s been five months since Corona invaded us! Some of us are still home-confined or are into some sort of partial lock-down. We have passed the stages of utmost laziness, boredom, lethargy; temporarily we are all living a life without goals! The future seems blur and all we are being told to ‘JUST HOLD ON’! Our productivity has been affected adversely but we need to survive this and make the most out of it, that’s the truth!

Okay I was a lil too harsh and demotivating. Sorry😐

Anyway, before the Coronavirus could take a toll over my capabilities, I started working on some habits and I thought of sharing them with you! I have curated a list of things one can do which would take not a lot of efforts and will help one become a lil more smart and knowledgeable. I have been doing them and my life is less boring, given these habits!

Here you go!

1. Watch movies & shows in regional languages

Everyone talks about how culturally diverse our country is! And now it’s the time to put to test our love for everything desi. I started watching movies/ shows in Marathi and Gujarati. And trust me, I feel so connected to my roots even more. And these movies actually narrate things in an authentic way, it makes you empathetic and happier inside. Try it for yourself.

2. Take up an art form at which you suck the most

I am pathetic at drawing and painting and I will always feel bad for that. Because I am bad at it, I was always scared of taking up that paint brush. But after the lockdown started, I decided to overcome this fear and draw the worst paintings possible and face this fear once and for all! I bought a new drawing book and watercolour set. You know what happened next? I wasn’t as bad as I thought I was! Yes, I painted some real ugly paintings and some decent ones too. Now finally, I am comfortable with myself w.r.t drawing. I value artists more than ever. I’ve got a sense of appreciation for colours and how they work on a canvas. It is a different feeling altogether. You should definitely try it for yourself.

3. Take up some topic and investigate the hell out of it.

Yes, I am asking you to stalk but stalk something that is worth your time and energy, not unnecessary people or things. For instance, I recently investigated on ‘God Particle’ and that has blown my mind already. I stalked a few international artists and I am in awe of how interesting their lives are. I learnt much more than I could have ever learnt otherwise. So, take your pick and try it once.

4. Follow Maths, Science and language meme pages.

Have you ever judged anyone if they don’t understand memes? Well, well, well , how about science memes that actually explain you concepts via memes? I have been following language, physics and maths meme pages and I have to go through the comments section just to understand what the hell is happening in the meme. So far, it has only added to my knowledge and now I am at a stage where I can understand certain concepts better than before.

5. Add a word to your vocabulary DAILY!

We have Apps to keep a track on our periods or remind us to drink water. How about installing apps that notify you on new words. I use App. It notifies me of a word daily where the word comes with a picture, so that we can remember it. It is an amazing App and has helped me develop a decent amount of vocabulary. You can also try the book method, everything works if we are inclined to learning, what say?

6. Start gardening/ planting

Trees are a man’s best friend. So basically, a lot of us have not made friends with these beautiful beings! That hurts. I tried growing a lotus plant at home, unfortunately I was a big failure at it and I was not able to understand the amount of water required and the plant died within two months. I still mourn over that😞 But now, I am a changed person, I don’t waste food and I value nature more than ever. I treat them with equal respect, as much as I would respect any human.

7. Watch movies having IMDb rating above 9/10

These movies are 9+ for some reason. So far such movies I’ve watched have taught me much more than any other learning sessions ever could teach me! The actors, the story, the plot, the director, the editor,so much cinema is than just ek ladka aur ek ladki Kabhi dost nai ban sakte..!😋 No offense, folks!

8. Watch wildlife & nature videos more than twice a week

Watching feline community preying on deers in Africa is my favourite❤️. It is like I am watching a game and I want the Tigers and lions to win. I support their moves. Watching all this gives me some sort of rush and happiness! I feel connected to animals and get that feeling of how equal we are in the eyes of the nature.

9. Try understanding how a Startup works. Put your efforts into planning a business for future

I subconsciously keep thinking how do I employee 100 people. I so want to become a successful entrepreneur, some day. In fact, even in the times of Corona, I have been seeing that people are getting the funding for theirs businesses. That is wow!! When you get into understanding how a funding round works and how Unicorns are built, it motivates you strongly. Try this once.

10. Interact with Animals almost daily

Off late, I have been interacting with cats and dogs. Firstly, I can’t stop hugging them😂 Secondly, I have now made a rapport with them, as if I have found a friend in them. I understand the unspoken and I try pleasing them and wait for them to love me back. I have not been successful in getting their love to my heart’s content but it’s okay. I speak to them and they revert with their expressions. Atleast, I could achieve this much in five months🤗 I am on cloud nine some days when I receive their response. People have been supporting various initiatives that feed and take care of street dogs and cats, try becoming a part of it and you may find your heaven!

I loved writing this article.

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Stay safe, stay productive ✨