I have been a big big big fan of A.R.Rahman since time immemorial. His music moves me, makes me cry and has definitely given me an experience outside this world. It would not be an exaggeration if I told you that his music has awakened the feeling of ‘love’ in me.

It would be unfair if I just list down down few of his songs that I love from his movies or albums, he is much more than just a list of favourites. This article is an ode, a tribute and a thank you note to this great artist! God has given him something that none of us possess. Is not that amazing? For me he is no less than a Sufi musician. No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t worship him, I admire him deeply and I thank God for giving this gift of music to someone, or else we would have all been deprived of something really important and beautiful in this World.

I want to describe something unexplainable, when I listen to his music. Be ready to get into a beautiful World of imagination! There are endless imaginations but let me describe three, for now.

( Note: I am listening to his music while writing this blog and I feel heavenly right now)

1. The beautiful full-moon night by the seaside

The stars are twinkling and the night sky is at its best. The nature is suddenly so fresh and dewy, as if the moon is romanticising everything. The world is far from bad intentions, a beautiful moment where every being is free to act the way they want. Eternal & selfless love is the only feeling felt in the environment and everything is purest pure. It rains in the middle of this and every being is rejoicing the shower of love from the heaven.The stars fall on the ground and it sparkles the sea water. Everyone is happy and loved. The butterflies & the blooming flowers add to the scenic beauty. All this is happening in the witness of the almighty 🙏

2. The lost forest & the river

Forests and everything green is my ideal place to be. Imagine a big mountain with a river flowing by the side with a medium pace. The birds are chirping sweetly and the clouds are playing hide and seek with the sun. The animals are moving swiftly in some trance. The sun shines beautifully on the river water just to add to the beauty, everytime it gets a chance. The nature is playing its own music while they enjoy themselves. The woods are dense and attract everyone. Somewhere unknown in the forest, someone is playing an unusual form of music to please the nature. ✨

3. The lover’s paradise

Imagine a place where two souls meet and express their love in an eternal form. No one to stop them, no one to instruct them, no one to ask them questions! They play around, dance around and express their ultimate love to each other. It is in sync with the nature, in sync with the Universe’s wish💫 This is that place where you want to be forever and never come back. It is filled with love and affection. No hate allowed.

I just started writing and I can go on and on! I love his music. For some, violins start playing in the background when they experience love, for me, A.R.Rahman songs play in the background 🤭

I wonder how does he compose such beautiful music? I have seen all his videos when it comes to ‘composing’ but I still don’t get the answers, what inspires him? I am sure, it is all God’s art work via a human.

I have seen people taking up music therapies to calm down. I suggest you listen to A.R.Rahman, it will definitely get you to a better place.😊

May God inspire him more and he continue to give us the best music he has been composing. It is soulful, heavenly and very soothing & exciting at the same time. He deserves all the accolades and respect in this world. Thank you Sir.👏

I am not satisfied by this blog, something is still incomplete.

I wish to meet him someday and thank him personally for how his music changed my life.🌼

Thanks for reading this blog.😄