Coronavirus changed everything about the normal life, let alone marriages😐. I wonder when will the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ scene come back?! No matter what, I still believe, the fairy tale wedding continues to exist, but with a limitation, ask me, I just got married.

I tied the knot after the lockdown was partially opened for the public; when people had an understanding as to the safety norms and how the government rules work. Infact, we had to take police permissions for the function where less than 50 people were allowed.

We were advised by our wedding manager on various things that only applied to the post Covid world! Let me get started.

  • Having a hot welcome drink ( like kadha made from Ayurvedic herbs).
  • No usage of Air conditioner at any cost.
  • Not allowing children below 15 and seniors above 60 years of age at the function.
  • Allowing guests only if they have Arogya setu App installed in their phones.
  • No buffet lunch but serving the same to the guests at one place.
  • Providing disinfecting wipes before and after food.
  • Including food items in the menu which are full of vitamins ( specially vitamin C) and not serving canned, cold or freezed food.
  • Allowing the beauticians and hair dresser only if they wear PPE kits while getting the bride and the bridegroom ready.
  • Social distancing while having food and attending the Vidhi.
  • Being responsible towards all your actions!

It is inevitable for the people stepping out to take care of themselves and the people they are around. It is equally important to choose a venue, the management of which could take the responsibility of all the safety measurements apart from just sanitising the place. There is more to it!

My Marriage was very peaceful and calm, I invited only those people who mattered to me, and I also made sure I didn’t invite people who have infants! I never liked crowds anyway and we had the best opportunity to not call a crowd to the Marriage, instead it took less time for us to decide upon 50 people.

Covid Marriage is no less than a normal Marriage. It made my day more special since I could focus fully on myself instead of checking upon the guests. Plus the money saved was all utilized on my other Marriage fantasies like a customized wedding cake.

It is amazing to be married during the Covid and also a sane decision, provided we took utmost care of everything in and around the Marriage.

It is important to have a vision before you go for shopping since not every shop is open at per our convenience, it is important to list things out before and not randomly do things, it saves time and also gives a structured approach ❤️

I plan to write a series on Marriage, STAY TUNED. Please share this article with your friends and family, it could help them plan their wedding.

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