Today in the morning when I read about Prime Minister’s Mann ki baat discussion topics trending on Twitter, it made me feel so good. It was relatable, since I am also making some plans as how do I mentally get ready to start a life with my husband’s German Shepherd dog Tyson, my cute dog-in-law!

Tyson’s last birthday 💋

I recently got married and like any other person, my life is going to change as I will now enter the new phase of life and my new family will also include a dog🤭 It is nerve racking and equally exciting to stay with a pet because I have never had a pet before, forget staying with them.

My husband is an animal lover and also a rescuer🥰 He loves his dog more than me. We are pure vegetarians but the dog is not. It is taking time for me to actually understand that the breed I am going to stay with , cannot strive on veggies and there is more to his daily diet. But worry not, I made an amazing provision for it and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

My dog-in-law is very protective and an aggressive breed. Everytime I meet him, he jumps with excitement and love, now that’s very very nice of him, I cried once just because I am not used to such unconditional love.🙃Dogs are beautiful aliens on Earth! Staying with a pet requires a little more care and patience. They get excited for everything if you treat them well.😄

Me and Tyson chilling 😛

I have a 15 point plan to make myself used to his company. Here it goes 😎

  • Consider him as a family member and treat him in a similar way.
  • Give him respect and not abuse or scold just because it is an animal.
  • Feed him on time and understand his physical limitations and signs.
  • Offer him everything I eat even if he wouldn’t like it.
  • Appreciate his love and respond him in a manner acceptable to him.( Btw, I love hugging animals endlessly 😂)
  • Not make faces if he feeds upon Non-veg food, it is his natural requirement, I am no one to judge him. I will soon share a blog on how can a vegetarian person stay with a non veg eating dog, without harming one’s food habits & smell issues.
  • Celebrate his birthday with zest like any other child❣️
  • Plan my day and spare 30 minutes to play with him.🤗( Cannot wait for this).
  • Give him equal priority as I would give any house mate and not make faces for anything.
  • Take him on excursions regularly😌
  • Open his Instagram account and give you all a glimpse of his life🤩
  • Shop for him on festivals 💫
  • Take care of his health.
  • Find a companion for him 😂😂
  • Give him bubble baths🛀
Smiling 🤭

Dogs are loyal and love unconditionally and that is one thing we humans can never ever do, is not that sad? But we can always try, and I want to give myself a chance. I don’t know how the journey would be but I choose to stay positive.

I so wish to get a cat friend for him soon. But Tyson dislikes cats😆 Let’s see how things take a turn.

It is imperative for us to have pets at home, if possible. The reason being they make us better humans and they teach how to love without anything in return. World is divided into two parts, one with pets and the other one without pets.

My experience says, one with pets are lil more lucky, let me try my luck🌟

Tyson, here I come.