We are all recovering from the ‘stay-at-home’ phase and this shift is not going to be effortless. We are humans after all, it might take time for a lot of people to get back to normalcy. And this ‘change’ may invite stress, anxiety and fear. However, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and beat the stress! The virus is not eliminated altogether, the fight is on, that’s a different story altogether.

I bring to you, some self tried & tested things that will help you relieve stress up to a greater extent. Here you go..

1. Take a hot water shower

Hot water helps increase blood circulation and also releases muscle tension and knots. Sometimes, you may have physical stress that could lead to mental stress. Hot water shower is a perfect way to relieve this kind of stress. Also, just Google ‘Hot water shower benefits’ and you will be astounded to know how helpful it could be.

Tip: Add a few drops of bath oil/ essential oil to the water or apply some body oil before bathing. Also, add Epsom salt for some feet relaxation.

2. Eat something that reminds you of your childhood or something sweet

Food that reminds me of childhood makes me so happy, no matter where I am. For instance, I am reminded of my childhood when I eat ghee and sugar applied on pav, sweet dahi, sugar & ghee rice, Bournvita milk, jalebi, puranpoli, cute lil candies. Childhood reminds of the days when we were free, literally!

In fact, sweet food items in a limited quantity/ portion can also rejuvenate your mood. Chocolates, pastries, home made sweets, all these things can help you forget a lot of negative things in life.

Tip: List down your favourite food items and stock them, mentally you will always know that you have your comfort food near you.

3. Watch underwater world videos with natural sound

Underwater world is a place where majority of us have not been. Just imagine how beautiful it would be! This curiousity of knowing ‘what’s next’ will replace the stress. And you will find yourself in a mental space where you have not been before.

Tip: YouTube is filled with such videos, watch 4K videos sans any music but the natural water sounds.

4. Engage in some physical activity

Physical activity could be anything you like, but move your body and give it the inner warmth & calmness it is seeking for. Engaging in any form of exercise with your loved ones only makes for a beautiful bond. It helps revive your laziness and you may find new things about yourself. Dance it out, walk it out, cuddle, etc., but engage in some physical activity.

Tip: Put on your favourite music while you engage yourself into anything. And try a different hairstyle for an exclusive feeling.

5. Pick up the phone and talk to someone you love

When you talk to someone you trust, they help you answer your own questions! I have seen this many a times with myself. So don’t hesitate, just talk, express yourself, cry ,if need be. Your emotions should not be shackled for any reason whatsoever.

Tip: Vent your anger in front of the person who won’t judge you, speak your heart out and try understanding exactly where it pinches you.

6. Go on a bike ride

They say, nothing compares to a simple pleasure of a bike ride. Now that the places are unlocking, take a long cut and go, buy your groceries😜 Bike rides genuinely help clear your cluttered thoughts. You don’t even realize you start talking to yourself or just humming songs, it is that natural ❣️

Tip: If you can’t ride, ask someone to take you on a ride. Have a playlist ready and just put on the music and get lost in your own world 😌

7. Put on your favourite eye mask, light some scented candles, spray pillow mist and take a long nap

My favourite thing on the list. I do this almost everytime I am stressed. I have started collecting eyes masks to suit my mood. It makes my naps exciting as well. Naps improve productivity, helps in reducing fatigue and most importantly, it elevates your mood😎

Tip: Buy scented candles in prior and keep them handy. Also, pillow mists of your favourite fragrance/ flavour helps in soothing mental mess quickly.

Stress can have adverse effects on your health, so never let it take a toll over you. It is better to pamper yourself than to sit there and watch stress do things to your body and mind.

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