I deeply respect the institution of marriage (one that is not forced and which is done with the person of thy choice with the consent of both the parties). A good life partner is like a cherry on the cake called ‘Life’. No, I am not saying that life is only about making your Marriage a success!Infact, keeping your individuality intact is one of the crucial things before you take up the below mentioned points.

Also, if you are among those people who don’t want to tag your relationship as ‘Marriage’ , well, you can still consider the checklist below.

It’s all about things you must do with your soulmate 🤗

Unique photoshoots, cooking together, fulfilling sexual fantasies, maintaing a couple bullet journal, taking up adventurous activities, parenting pets; all these are very subjective and differ from couple to couple, they must not be called a ‘bore’ if they don’t do a set of things which some cool couples do. Every bond is unique.

I have curated a list that every couple should do, must do after moving in together, for there is more to life than just love❣️

And, here you go..!

1. Write down all your wishes/ dreams and share it with each other

2. Have a serious career-oriented / Passion-related discussion

3. Discuss your development areas and open up about your weaknesses

4. Tell each other your trigger points

5. Make a travel bucket list

6. Learn & gain knowledge from each other – it is a continuous process

7. Make a food bucket list you both wish to try

8. Decode & explain your love language

9. Discuss retirement plans in depth

10. Discuss your finances without hesitation

And so ends the list here. It is imperative to be transparent while discussing matters with each other. Where there is love, there is no judgement. Initially, a general discussion just to discuss your check points would be of a great help. You can have your own unique points. Do share them with me on thenewpastels@gmail.com.

If you have not yet had such a discussion with your partner, it is still not late. Give it a try.

Happy discussion to you🤭

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