It was a good Sunday start, I was waiting for the day ahead since I had a good meal menu decided to surprise my husband and ofcourse myself with. My cooking skills are not that great but I cook pretty decent (atleast I think so🤪).

Btw, I didn’t prepare/ plan a day prior for this menu, my kitchen was like a laboratory for me that day. I was confident for no reason that everything I had decided will go as per the plan. I had not even checked out the recipes on YouTube neither did I ask my mom about the recipes, just based on some memory and intuition I went into the kitchen.

Ok, so let me mention the dishes I had decided to prepare that day:

1. Sabudana Khichdi
2. Rajghara ke atta wali Kadhi
3. Rajghara ke atta ka halwa
4. Sama ki Khichdi
5. Rajghara ke atte ki Puri
6. Potato ki Rasse wali sabzi
7. Home made curd and Buttermilk
8. Bhari hui Mirchi

Doesn’t the menu look/feel/smell mouth- watering? Well, it does so but just read on to know what happened that day in my laboratory aka kitchen.

It started like this, I had 2 hours to prepare all these items and I was so casual about the approach that I didn’t even bother about how less the time I had in my hands and also about the availability of the ingredients. 🧐😑

All this may sound irresponsible of me but trust me I had made my first Pav-bhaji, Rajma chawal, chaat, idlis in the exact same situation and I was successful, every single time!

So the journey begins, with going and buying the ingredients which took around 45 mins so I decided to buy Curd and Buttermilk from the nearby dairy and saved 10 mins ( I had decided to prepare buttermilk at home and stir home-made curd for sometime to make its texture smooth and velvety, but it takes time!) So now I had 1.5 hours to prepare the meal.

I rushed back home and dude I was chilling for 10 mins (why did I do it, I still wonder?) and then I started preparing the items that included Rajghara atta; I kneaded the atta and kept it aside, it was a success (but it was the beginning of my failure recipes for the day).

I went on to prepare my potato sabzi which was good till the boiling stage but then as soon as I added buttermilk to it, milk turned sour and my entire sabzi went transparent, some reaction happened and I knew it was spoilt already!I took it off the stove and immediately threw it away only to repeat the process twice but the second time I faced the same situation but then I didn’t allow it to go transparent, the sabzi was still uncooked and weirdly watery.😓

Potato ki Rasse wali sabzi
Source: Your food

I went on to make the Puris, which were so oily that it soaked all the oil from the container😑 It was pathetic and oily as hell!

Rajghara Puri

By then I was genuinely irritated but didn’t give up and started to prepare halwa, which was a major failure again, ask how? Right now all I can I recollect is that I had added lesser milk to the halwa and that made it so hard, parts of it stuck the container while the heat was still on.

Rajghara Sheera/ halwa

Then I again jumped on to the kadhi, which I thought I was great at, but it ended up tasting bland to the core and watery.

Rajghara ki Kadhi

I had two things to prepare now, the Sama Khichdi and the Mirchi.

Mirchi was so badly filled/ infused and fried, oil dripped from it like someone left a tap open and then I realized after frying that I had forgotten to add salt.😓

My last hope of the afternoon meal, my Sama Khichdi, the last feather! It got burnt in the process and was partially uncooked.!

Bhari hui mirchi

I was disheartened to the core, tears rolled down my cheeks but we still managed to eat all this mess! Trust me, I cried more than I ate that day.

I any how managed to stay positive throughout the rest of the day till the dinner time with my very last hope, Sabudana Khichdi! Unfortunately, I had soaked the sabudana in an improper manner and they were so sticky, it got stuck to the container while the heat was on..

Now imagine what would you do, if your were in my position?


Yes, I did that! But then what about the disappointment?

I switched off the stove and left  the Khichdi as it is and immediately ran towards my bedroom and cried, cried, cried!

To my surprise, my husband thought the afternoon food though unhealthy tasted really good. And while I had given up on hope when it came to my evening fiasco, to my surprise he made changes to my sticky Khichdi and got a plate full of amazingly tasty Khichdi for me (I still don’t know how he did it!)! We finally finished the dinner then 🙁

What a bad day it was!

But I laugh today on how things went wrong and how stupid I was to just do it all!

Sabudana Khichdi

Perhaps the worst day of my life realising how important it is to know ‘basic cooking’.I was shattered but thanks to my mom, husband, aunty I gained courage and decided to try preparing these recipes better the next time.

You won’t believe after taking notes, I made a few of these dishes and it was all perfect when I prepared them after 10 days!☺️

Oh god, this day! I am going to tell my kids how bad her mom was, and tell them never take granted the good food you are being served and yes, always plan, plan and plan before you cook any meal.

Btw, these pictures are just for reference, none of my food looked like it 🤪😂

No wonder, cooking is a precious skill, an art, our life.

You can laugh and let me know about your funny bad days, please do comment, it makes me happy 😁

Thank you for reading this blog. Take care.