I love weekends like any other human being. I run errands, sleep, cook calmly, go out and just let myself sink into the new found freedom for that very day. Thanks to Covid, a lot of us are working from home, and we are left with no choice but to multi-task everyday.

It’s a hustle for me to manage everything at the same time. I wonder some people do it so easily! Sometimes, I do six things together🧐 on a weekday and then consider my weekends as compensation days to just sit there and enjoy as much as I can. Darn! Why do we grow up 😓

So anyway, it was my usual weekend and I decided to have my self-indulgence time and booked the entire evening for my salon treatments, which I had missed since the last 2 months, cz I was too lazy to go😁

Unfortunately I dozzed off in the afternoon and went to the Salon late. It was almost night time when I came back home and found myself with some usual household chores left + preparing dinner. Now let me confess, I was just being pampered at the salon and now I was expected to work! I was not mentally prepared to do anything but indulge in some hot water shower.

That didn’t happen though, instead this happened.

I was mentally not ready to cook but I forced my self to cook and hence I ended up with yet another cooking fiasco.!

I bought readymade rice batter from the shop to make handva (an Indian Gujrati dish). This batter I could have used to make idlis but I didn’t cz my husband loves handva.

The regular shop from where I buy it went out of stock so I went ahead searched for it at other shops and randomly bought it and rushed home.

When I went home, I didn’t even sit but went straight to the kitchen to cook the meal, serve to my husband just to later indulge myself into some hot water shower. But, a good time was followed by some very bad time for me.Something bad was waiting for me.

As soon as I prepared the mixture and started to heat it, the batter went haywire due to it watery texture and my gut feeling was right, it was pathetically cooked even after waiting for 25 mins 😓 It burnt badly and it got stuck to the vessel.

I was super angry and felt like yelling the hell out of my lungs, I so wanted to have a hot water shower!!!! I was hungry, angry and at the same time disappointed with the entire episode. I immediately threw the ladle in the air and threw the mixture in the air, just to express anger😖😖 why did I cook, why did I not order that day? I went to my bedroom crying my eyes out.All of this was witnessed by my husband who didn’t utter a single word but ordered 2 pizzas without my knowledge.

It was 10.40 in the night when he ordered, I cried , spoke to my mom over the phone and came out of my room at around 11.30 pm. He tried consoling me but I wouldn’t budge. Finally, I started realising that I was equally hungry and asked him what to eat now? He told me about the pizzas which hadn’t arrived since an hour.

Now my patience was being tested like never before it was 11.45 pm and I started calling at the restaurant, I won’t get through any of those numbers on Google. I started panicking, and demanded explanations, but no body would reply to my calls.

I got supper hangry and it was almost 12.10 when my door bell rang! That was the Domino’s delivery guy, God save him now. I controlled my ill- mouth yet started blabbering but it was honestly not his mistake. The pizzas arrived after almost 1.5 hours.!!

I asked for his manager’s number and told him to compensate or else I would put this entire story on Twitter!!

I hardly have any followers on Twitter😂😂😂 But I managed to make this bold statement.

The manager was kind enough and spoke to me calmly and asked me about the entire order details and promised me two complimentary pizzas including a Chess Burt pizza on any day of the coming week!

I was sooo touched by this gesture and finally me and my husband had our evening meal.

It was a happy ending and now I could sleep soundly.

I choose a day in the coming week and called the manager to send me pizzas and they were delivered in less than 30 mins 🤓 as promised.

So this is the story, how to managed to get 4 pizzas at a price of 2🤪

Long live Domino’s 😁

Sometimes it’s good to be that loud demanding customer but not always.

I regret throwing the food, which I promised I would never ever do !