Hi there, how are you? Hope you are full of zest and happiness 🙂 Because I am happiest right now! Ask me why? I just finished my grocery shopping for this month( wait, I think I did it for 2-3 months😂)

And oh boy, I loved it so much. And the beauty of my shopping this time was that I didn’t take anyone along with me, it was just me and my credit card😜I was so tired of online grocery shopping that I decided to just wake up early and go!

My usual grocery shopping partners are either my husband or my mom. But today I went alone; and like a spoilt child who would end up spending on things that they shouldn’t, I did a bit of it, but with responsibility, because when you manage your finances you can’t cheat!

So I am exclusively writing about the joy of grocery shopping today, I know it’s weird, but it gives me happiness! The kind of shopping done at those huge supermarkets/ marts, one where you carry your trolley around and juggle for space at the end of it. The one where buying in bulk seems like a saving ( which btw, is a trap)!

So let me explain my joy in words. Here it goes:

When I go shopping with my own shopping bags, I get a sense of freedom! The freedom to reinvent my food habits, the freedom to create memories, the freedom to create recipes 🤭 It makes me want to revisit my lifestyle and give myself a chance to improve with the new things I am buying.

You would think, say, how can a packet of cheese give me so much Freedom? How can basmati rice packet give me freedom. Think of it this way, I can wake up and have a cheese sandwich which can really uplift my mood. I can cook biryani rice/ pulao/ fried rice/ Mexican rice/ Italian rice whenever I feel like, now tell me is this not freedom. No wonder I have a story associated with every single item I buy. It’s a pure appetising bliss😌

Some day I am going to make a video of myself in a departmental store and show you how happppppy I get by just getting an empty trolley 😆

So for now, I am thinking about those Nachos I bought and the jalapenos that I will be using as pizza toppings tonight, I am so looking forward to the amazing weekend filled with my new toothbrush and shower gel.And ha, a date night with my husband with the new beverage& exotic fruits I got🥰

Life is beautiful when you ‘live’ it everyday and everyday needs are met by this grocery shopping! How can one not be happy.

Any thoughts?