Even before I start, I can’t help but cry a bit (of course, out of fatigue) when I think about the mental trauma I go through while I attend Zoom meetings. And, this is not only office Zoom meetings, but any given virtual event on Zoom.

I am blessed to have a job while the pandemic is still ongoing, I am not complaining about my workplace here! But I am talking about the overall human experience of attending Zoom meetings since 2020. Trust me if I ever meet ‘2020’ somewhere, I am gonna torture it badly and just hit it hard.

I want to vent out loudly, can you hear me scream?

So let me list down 7 somethings that happen to me while I attend the Zoom meetings.

But hey before that, just to let you know, I have no problem with short, quick meetings, the problem is with those long meetings; that has now forced me to write about it publicly!

1. I get Pukish if I attend Zoom meetings for too long!

Imagine this, you are tied to a chair tightly and someone has put you on a gunpoint and you are being forced to carefully listen to a bad singer. How would you feel? Initially, you may tolerate but later, it gets on your nerves and then you feel nauseous. I feel the same!! I get nauseatic if the meeting lasts longer then my mind can tolerate. I get the urge to gag/ vomit and I need water while this all is happening ( and my water bottle is never filled and that makes me feel more nauseous). Aagghh😥

2. I get the urge to cry.

I don’t know why but if I give majority of my time to virtual meetings, I tend to sympathise myself and start crying out of frustration. I get weirdest thoughts; like if this was the last day of my life, and I wasted it on just attending meetings, I would never forgive myself for this. I cry because I can’t live the moment. I cry because I can’t focus. I cry because the people in the meeting room won’t stop talking for heaven’s sake!! I cry because I just feel uncomfortable to be a part of such meetings! Period.

3. I cannot FOCUS!

People think it’s easy to focus at home because you are at ease. Trust me, I multi-task while I attend majority of these meetings and end up not completing a single task and that’s when I find out that the only thing I did is wasted time throughout. I sob over the wasted time and I cannot focus again😔😔.Sigh.

4. Checking Social media simultaneously and feeling guilty about it.

I don’t know about others but I check all my social media Accounts while I am listening to people talk. I feel guilty because I miss so many important points just because I am watching a reel or some interesting YT video. In the end, I feel the only thing I did was surfed the social media with an interruption by the meeting. Can you Imagine 😳.

5. I start blabbering silently.

I get irritated when someone doesn’t stop talking in these meetings, or when I ought to attend the meetings which doesn’t even require me! And when the meetings get extended for no reason, I start talking to myself and blabber the hell out, till the very moment the meeting gets over. Trust me, this is the most horrible place to be for me, psychologically! Uuurrrggghhh!!

6. I have to control my pee for these meetings.

Firstly, there is no network in my bathroom; secondly, I am scared (still) what if my camera or the mic gets switched on by mistake and I become a joke🙄 And you know what the worst part is? Only when I get the urge to pee, is the time I am asked questions in these meetings, such is the plight 😖 God save me.

7. Eating food while the meeting is on.

When I do this, I cannot eat well and I am hurt about it. Trust me, I feel disgusting because, I cannot even enjoy a morsel. I eat in hurry and then it affects my eating habits. This gets me angry and I ultimately give up on the earphones and just eat, with all the guilt in this World.

I am sorry for these negative elements in this blog, but it is the real story, true story of someone who attends Zoom meetings every single day. I am not saying that I can’t stand it at all, all I am saying is please spare me from the meetings and discussions that really don’t require me or, rather send me a recording, I will listen to it, and carry on my work….but this is too good to be true, no?

Zoom meetings are here to stay and that is the sad part. Let us learn to tolerate this, as if we had an option.

Happy virtual life to you😏