Before I start, kindly note, I am not talking about ‘grief’ here, because it is a completely different zone and these things would hardly contribute; instead I am talking about stressful days coming your way and by God’s grace you have some time to prepare yourself for it.

Say for instance, you have a new project coming your way and those are going to be stressful two/ three months, or say a wedding that is going to cause a great deal of stress for a brief period, or ummm say, anything that you think would cause anxiety and tension which may need some outlet & temporary relaxation. And, now that we are adults, we need to prepare, right? These are the things ( below) that may help while the stress is already hitting you.

After a lot of them trying myself, I bring to you 8 things that will really help you cope up with stress, only if your prepare ahead of time.

So let us start 😌

Stressful days here I come😊

#1 Know your Comfort Food/ non- alcoholic drink

I am a staunch believer in ‘comfort food’, because we all know, Food is Bae! Say you are having an extremely stressful day and suddenly out of nowhere, you get a box of donuts, will you not forget all the woes? Even if its for just 30 mins. Know your comfort food and stock it/ refrigerate it!

#2 Prepare a Book Wish list on Amazon

When you keep a list (of almost anything) ready, it becomes easier for you to select amongst those limited options, and same goes with books. A book wish list is ❤️ Trust me it helps you understand your tastes and you will end up knowing so much about yourself 😃 Also, reading for just 15 mins during those stressful days would be refreshing.

#3 Save an unopened brand new Night suit

New night suits elevate your mood to a greater extent. It brightens up your nights, TBH😉 So order and save them for these days. It will definitely give you a better sleep.

#4 Prepare an only Disney/ Animated Movie watch-list ready

Disney movies will never fail to make you happy. I have so many of them unwatched yet, because I am saving it for the future. Stress is a part and parcel of our lives now, and there is no escaping it, you see.We already have Disney OTT, that’s a relief in itself.

#5 Foot Mask therapy (at home)

I tried one of these masks on my husband’s feet and trust me his feet got better than mine🤭 I have bought them for myself already and waiting for me to try soon. It is a real good therapy, they say😊 We never know how much of relaxation they provide us, unless we don’t do it.

#6 Add Exotic fruits to cart already and press the Order button when required

These days, exploring exotic fruits options available locally is my favourite thing. I have tried quite a few and still a lot more to go. Please don’t go for frozen ones, if you ask me. Eating these fruits is like tasting a new flavour altogether. And these little things do contribute in eliminating some part of tension, in some part of your brain.

#7 A new bed linen/ bed sheet+ a satin pillow cover + quilt (one of them being white in colour)

Some years back, I had read somewhere that new white bed sheets make people happy. I did not believe this before, but now, even I am convinced after trying it myself. A satin pillow cover is also believed to prevent hair loss.

#8 List down Sports/ games that you haven’t seen before

Only recently, I started watching UFC and Tennis because of my husband, and this has really opened my mind to new things. And there is so much to explore in this field, what say? This will help in diverting your mind from the mundane things.

They say, money cannot buy happiness, and yes I do agree, ultimately it is your mental state that will help you relieve stress.

You may argue, these are too ‘first world’ solutions for stress, I say, is not our stress too first world as well?

Meditation, chanting name of God, praying, being in the Nature, exercising, walking, drinking lots of water will always be the ultimate solution to anything and everything in life though.

Thanks for reading, your visit to my blog made me happy.

Good day 💞