Finally I have understood one thing about my self, I am an empath. And sometimes, I go overboard. I empathize so much that it literally makes my heart cry. I have so much inside of me that I can just not stop the thought process. So, I have been thinking about a few emotional things since sometime now and I want to share it with you all because, may be, I will stop crying if I express it here.

Being an emotional person has only gotten me to become more sensitive. I think about the problems and the pain of others and it kills my soul to even imagine their plight. Let me list down the things that I cannot find a solution to and I wish I could do something about it.

1. People who don’t get to lead a good quality life because of financial issues.

Everyday, we see hundreds of people who cannot lead a decent life, forget about a luxurious one. My heart pains to see that there have been people who have also died living that kind of life, in slums, in poverty, an undignified life, a life where no one cares about them. I cannot stop thinking how they missed it all and why did the Universe or the Almighty not give them a chance? Why? I wish everyone lived life King size.

2. Are celebrities the only important people on this planet?

When I go through the Instagram feeds of some celebs, who charge a bomb for one post/ paid-partnership, I wonder about those small time content creators or other real workers, for that matter. They work harder. I mean, here people are trying to meed their ends through one job, but these celebs have 10 different source of incomes. That is so unfair. I am not pointing out at anyone, yes, even they have had their share of struggles but why one person in one part of the world needs to struggle the hell out and not achieve anything, but someone somewhere ( esp. famous people), just by one click can get whatever they want. And why are celebrities given so much importance for their skin, hair and physique, their ultra luxurious homes, what they eat and how many followers they have across social media? Why? All this disturbs me. I feels as if a common man has no part to play on this planet.Just the celebs are the COA of the Universe. Forget it, I will get angry if I write more on this.

3. Innocence in the eyes of my parents.

I have no photo that can describe this.

First, I will talk about the innocence in the eyes of my father. The struggle every unprivileged parent goes through is terrible, and whenever I look into the eyes of my father, especially the candid photos, my heart aches and I feel helpless, I remember during my growing years, how I have hurt him and he had forgiven me, how he could not afford things and how I had forgiven him. My mother, who takes hard-work as just another chore, her eyes are still filled with dreams. Why cannot I stop thinking about those eyes and I wish I could give them back those years they put into struggle, struggle and only struggle. Oh lord, give them the best of things for the rest of their lives. Give them good health and a sane mind. And please don’t take them away from me, I will be half dead otherwise. Seriously, those eyes!!

5. The martyred Defence Officers.

I just cannot digest the fact that our country loses the best of officers every year and that too for the protection of our country, where some people don’t even bother about these things. Infact, the disgusting part is that the ones they are fighting against are not even deserving of this valor. When I read/ hear such news, I think about their families, how difficult it must be for them to cope up with the dangers of the officer’s service and the after life. I wonder do these martyrs get the heaven they deserve after they leave this planet.

6. Who decides which person is relevant.

I am going to write a separate blog on this. But tell me, are we all relevant on this planet? Or is humanity taking a back seat? So if a person wins an Award, or makes their country proud, is richest person in their continent, only then are people valued? Are human beings not valued otherwise? What should be done for all of us to be equally important? Are people ignored because they are ugly, poor, underprivileged, uneducated, illiterate or bcz they don’t come on TV? Suddenly someone becomes a sensation and the next day when the trend ends people are forgotten, so basically who is important for this planet and most importantly, who decides that?

7. The old photographs with happy moments captured.

Once I read somewhere, in 2050, Facebook will have a lot of profiles of dead people and that gives me goose bumps. You know when I see the photos on my feeds, I see all the happiness captured there, it gets weird, but certain things pop up in my mind and that makes me so restless. Someday we are all going to die and no one would be interested in our memories, photos, experiences. A lot of us would be dead and then what about those photos? Will anyone check them and relate to the happiness captured in those photos? And also, now when we are alive and someone shares their images, why are people so innocent to my eyes? I want each and every person to continue to be happy forever. This is confusing.I will end this here for now.

So this was only a part of my list, it’s an endless list actually. I will write a part two of this blog when I cry the next time.

Until then, please take care and give love for free❤️